In September 2017 we finally opened our concept store KURATERT in the vibrant part of Oslo called Grünerløkka.  Based on our common interests and passion for art, architecture and design we want to create an inspiring space with carefully selected and hand-picked objects. With KURATERT we wanted to start a project where we could use our common interests and different backgrounds to create something new together. With KURATERT we present an aesthetic universe with our personally curated mix of art, design, clothing, books and magazines. We love that the name and concept encourages creative collaborations with artists and designers. We are proud to present brands like Andersen-Andersen, Anne Black, Finn Juhl interior, Gear3, Le Mont St Michel, Livid Jeans, Ludwig Reiter, MM6 Maison Margiela, Son Venin, Veronica B. Vallenes, Sara Skotte, Guri Sandvik and Want Les Essentiels.


Lene and Christian